Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Developing new products with shorter time to market makes it all the more difficult to maintain quality and remain competitive. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is one of the popular process improvement approaches used to identify the underlying problems in product/services/process.

Key Features of Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

  • Expert Quality Management trainer with real-world experience.
  • Instructor-led RCA training with multiple training delivery modes.
  • RCA exercises performed during the training to understand the various techniques used.

  • Guaranteed to Run Agile Project Management batches spread across time zones.
  • Course completion certificate provided.

Course Overview

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Training Program

Root Cause Analysis training for individuals and enterprise teams helps them to discover the root cause of the problem than the superficial symptoms that are visible to the naked eye. By systematically preventing and solving the underlying issues, RCA helps organizations to better manage their problems than just putting out fires. By taking part in this 1-day RCA training, learners will gain a proper understanding of RCA techniques such as 5 WHYs, Fishbone Diagram, Pareto Chart, and others


The RCA training provided by Ergodemy is ideal for beginners and experienced quality management professionals across industry sectors. There are no eligibility criteria to take up this RCA course, anybody who wishes to gain a fundamental understanding of RCA and the tools and techniques involved to resolve major problems in an organization can take up this training program.

Target Audience for Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

  • Operations Team Members.
  • Process Owners.
  • Quality Management Professionals.
  • QA Professional. 
  • QC Professionals.
  • Anybody who wants to gain a proper understanding of Root Cause analysis concepts and techniques.


There are no prerequisites/eligibility criteria to take up this Root Cause Analysis training.

Exam Format

There is no exam format for this RCA training. 

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Schedule

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Agenda

  • Introduction to Root Cause Analysis 
  • Identifying root causes in problem solving
  • Root Cause Analysis tools such as 5 Whys, and Cause & Effect Diagram, 8D to identify root causes
  • Prioritizing root causes with a Pareto Chart
  • Possible pitfalls to avoid while performing Root Cause Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

• Selecting a schedule of your choice and delivery mode • Make payment for the RCA course to enrol for the training • Receive RCA pre-reading materials to prepare for the training • Attend the instructor-led RCA online training • Receive RCA course completion certificate

• Resolve critical problems in an organization by identifying the root cause • Reduce cost of fixing a problem by quickly identifying the problem and resolving at the earliest • Improve overall safety and reliability of your products and services with higher quality achieved through RCA • Achieve faster time to market with RCA which helps enterprises to quickly take action on root cause of defects • Improve salary prospects across industry sectors with newly acquired RCA knowledge and skills • Be part of challenging and

The RCA course does not belong to any governing body. But this course has been prepared by Subject Matter Experts keeping in mind the problems that plague organizations across industries worldwide.

Professionals belonging to the Manufacturing Sector, IT services, Pharma, Defense, Retail, and Healthcare will find tremendous value through this RCA training globally.