Focused 1-to-1 Training

Every individual has different learning requirements and how they wish to take up the training. Not every learner is comfortable with a public classroom or an online training batch. Many feel they might not receive the required attention from the trainer and are unable to properly communicate with the trainer. To help solve this problem, Ergodemy also has a 1-to-1 mode of training delivery. Through this delivery mode, the learner can customize the training according to their learning needs with undivided attention from the trainer.

Benefits of 1 to 1 Training

  • High-quality interaction between the learner and trainer to work on areas that need improved focus
  • Learners can now have no fear of missing the class, as the training will happen only when the participant is present for the class
  • The instructor will have a better idea of the strengths and weaknesses of an individual and work towards them
  • 1-to-1 training along with self-course preparation helps learners to be independent and master the training program
  • No distractions whatsoever, so personalize conversations and training modules according to your requirements
  • Better retention of newly acquired skills through 1-to-1 retrospective sessions

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