Advanced Microsoft Word

In today’s high dependency for skilled professionals in a digital era, it is critical for them to have knowledge of Microsoft Office programs. Microsoft Word is one of the highest used text document programs used worldwide by one and all.

Key Features of Advanced Microsoft Word

    • Expert Microsoft Office Certified trainers with real-world experience.
    • Instructor-led Microsoft Word training with multiple training delivery modes.
    • Microsoft Word exercises provided to gain hands on practice
    • Guaranteed to Run MS Word batches spread across time zones.
    • Course completion certificate provided.

Course Overview

Advanced Microsoft Word Training Program

Microsoft Word is an essential tool for any individual in today’s digital age. Whether you are a working professional, a diligent student or an active retiree, proficiency in Microsoft Word is a vital skill that is useful for both complex business requirements as well as basic day-to-day purposes. Not only is Microsoft Word a flexible tool that allows you to achieve many of your digital document needs, it is also one of the most user- friendly applications from the Microsoft Office suite.


By taking part in this Microsoft Word 2019 training, learners will gain a proper understanding of creating and maintaining professional reports, newsletters, business correspondence documents and resumes. The best part is that, participants will demonstrate application of various MS Word features and complete tasks independently.

Target Audience for Advanced Microsoft Word

  • Content Writers.
  • Teaching Professionals
  • Business Administrators.
  • Data Management Professionals
  • Customer Service Professionals. 
  • Corporate Trainers
  • Business Writing Professionals
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Marketing Team Memebers
  • Anybody who want to understand new features on MS Word 2019 version
  • Individuals preparing to take up MO-100 certification exam.


There are no prerequisites/eligibility criteria to take up this Microsoft Word training.

Exam Format

There is no exam Format for this course

Advanced Microsoft Word Schedule

Advanced Microsoft Word Agenda

  • Tables of Content
  • Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Insert bibliographies and indexes
  • How to use Comments
  • Use track changes including accepting and rejecting changes
  • How compare and combine documents
  • How to use Mail Merge and Create envelopes and labels
  • How to protect documents
  • How to use bookmarks, add watermarks, and customize the ribbon

Frequently Asked Questions

Participants can enrol for this Microsoft Word course by: • Selecting a schedule of your choice and delivery mode • Make payment for the course to enrol for the training • Receive pre-reading materials to prepare for the training • Attend the instructor-led training to gain MS Word knowledge • Receive course completion certificate

By taking part in this Microsoft Word training, participants will gain an understanding of: • Learn to work with tables of contents. • Learn to work with footnotes and endnotes. • Learn to insert bibliographies and indexes. • Learn to use comments. • Learn to use track changes including accepting and rejecting changes. • Learn to compare and combine documents. • Learn to use Mail Merge and create envelopes and labels. • Learn to protect documents. • Learn to use bookmarks, add watermarks, and customize the Ribbon.

As part of your MS Word Online Course, you will receive: • A copy of the training material prepared by experts • Exercises developed by trainers to gain hands-on experience • Course completion certificate provided

Some of the key benefits of this Microsoft Word training are: • Proper understanding of basic skills on Microsoft Word program which helps them in their day-to-day activities • Knowledge of various version of MS Word program and the differences between the features • Uncover the various hidden features on the MS Word program through this instructor-led Microsoft Word training • Get ahead in your career with complete knowledge and skills for MS Word which is part of your Microsoft Office program that includes Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook • Receive higher salaries by gaining recognized Microsoft Word 2019 credential and stay ahead of your competition