Q1. What are the categories across which Ergodemy offers training programs?

Ergodemy offers industry-recognized professional courses across various categories such as:

  • Project Management
  • Agile Courses
  • Quality Management
  • Microsoft Courses
  • Leadership Development

Ergodemy is currently in the process of partnering with various governing bodies to offer their certification courses worldwide. Do watch this space to check on new course categories and accreditations in the future.

Q2. What will be part of my training program?

As part of your instructor-led training program through Ergodemy, you will receive:

  • Relevant course materials prepared by Subject Matter Experts
  • Case Studies, Practice Tests, and other templates relevant to the courses
  • Course completion certificate provided
  • Dedicated Training Advisor until you complete your training program with Ergodemy
  • Exam vouchers included in the course fee for professional certification courses

Q3. How will the training program be delivered?

At Ergodemy, we offer various learning modes such as classroom, live online, and 1-to-1 training for both individuals and enterprises worldwide. We also offer a blended learning approach which is a combination of all the above modes for participants spread across different geographical locations.

Through the blended learning approach, learners can take part in the same training program across learning modes according to their preferences. Through this approach, enterprises can ensure teams across locations can get trained simultaneously, and there are no gaps with regard to knowledge and skills while handling business-critical projects.

Q4. As a participant, can I change my schedule for the training program once it has been finalized?

Yes, you can change your schedule for the training program due to unforeseen circumstances. But please check our ‘Rescheduling Policy’ page for more information.

Q5. Can I get a refund for the training program for which I have enrolled through Ergodemy?

Yes, you can get a refund for the training program that you’ve enrolled in. Depending upon the refund policy set by Ergodemy, you will be eligible for either a 100% or partial refund according to the criteria you meet. Please visit our ‘Refund Policy’ page to better understand the terms & conditions for the same.

Q6. What is the duration of a training program at Ergodemy?

Any training program at Ergodemy runs for upto 8 hours/day with a 1-hour lunch break in between. Different training programs have duration specific to the topics or modules that will be covered. There are many training programs which only run for 1-day, and there are others which run for 3-4 days. Depending upon the course that you’ve enrolled for, and the schedule selected (weekday or weekend), typically 8 hours/day is the duration for the training program.

Q7. What will happen if I miss a class or the training altogether due to unforeseen circumstances?

Do not worry if you miss a class or the complete training; you will receive the recording of the training to your official email Id along will all the other training materials and templates used by the trainer.

Q8. Where will the training classes be held?

Currently, all training classes will be held through instructor-led live online (virtual) mode due to the pandemic situation we are in. Once enterprises and respective local governments allow for a public classroom workshop or on-site training, we will deliver the same at the earliest.

Q9. What if I have more doubts regarding the course after the completion of training? How to get them clarified?

Do not worry, we will share your concerns and questions with the respective trainer through an email, and they will respond to your queries.

If you need a separate session to clear your doubts and to better prepare for a certification exam, then separate charges will be applied, depending upon your query. For more information on the same please mail at contact@ergodemy.com

Q10. What are the basic system requirements needed to be part of a live-online training?

As part of your instructor-led live-online training, the basic system requirements are:

  • Windows/Mac OS running on your personal laptop or desktop system
  • Web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Bing, or any other
  • Stable internet connection with required power back up

Q11. How to enroll for a training program through Ergodemy?

To enroll for any training program on Ergodemy, you must:

  • Select a particular course that you are looking to enroll for
  • Select the schedule of your choice (weekday/weekend)
  • Choose the number of learners option (Individual/Corporate)
  • Select the training delivery mode that you/team are comfortable with
  • Enroll in the training program by making the payment through our secure platform

After making the payment, you will:

  • Receive payment confirmation email and invoice for your payment
  • Receive pre-reading training materials and courseware from Ergodemy to prepare for the training
  • Be part of the instructor-led training that you’ve enrolled for
  • Receive recordings of your training program
  • Receive course completion certificate

Q12. Can I change the city for the enrolled classroom training program?

Yes, you can change the city for any classroom training batch in a country where you’ve enrolled from. But, if you are changing the location with regards to a different country, then there will be revision with regards to the price of the training.